Data to Actionable Insights!!

You are the Data owner and we assist you to convert your raw data into meaningful information.

Data Science with Advanced Analytics

We provide you an advanced analytics to resolve your complex business problems.

Web Applications and Mobile apps

We can help you to show your business presence with attractive Websites and Mobile apps.

BI Analytics

We offers consulting & development services for BI Analytics using some of the rich visualisation tools like PowerBi, Looker, Tableau , QlikSense and Sisense etc. for your data discovery, dashboards, visualization, business reporting, and self-service analytics need. Get your BI in Action with our BI experts. We have dedicated team of BI Architects, Trainers, Developers and Report testers who will help enterprises transition to a better data driven decision making using powerful dashboards, reports, self-service analytics, and visual analytics Our Proven experience of building rich and interactive dashboards for Energy Provider in UK, Councils in South west enabled us to work on any kind of data which live in Excel spreadsheets / CSVs or Application databases or big data, streaming data and cloud services; our experts will help you to build PowerBi reports within less time and budget, We ensure you are never paying us to do nothing. Contact us now to discuss more..

Cloud DataWarehouse Solutions

Cloud based data warehouse market has started after Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its Redshift data warehouse technology in late 2012,  Later Microsoft also Launched Azure Data Warehouse service. The biggest advantages of these services are ; They can be easily scaled up or down as data and business needs change and they use Massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture. With our deep experience of designing Cloud based data warehouse using Microsoft Azure Data warehouse Service (DWAAS) and AWS Redshift we help our Clients.

IT Consultancy

We provide our Consultancy services at very cost effective market rates and we like to keep it simple. Our Weekly, Daily & Hourly rate options offer a payment plan that works to your budgets. HOURLY RATE We can provide our consultants for work on your projects on a simple hourly rate basis with a minimum 40 hours booked. Our hourly rates varies on the whole number of hours booked. Hours may be spread over multiple days, with a minimum of 4 hours per day as per your requirements.   DAILY RATES We can provide our consultants for work on your projects on a simple daily rate. Our daily rates varies on the whole number of days booked along with technology stack and resource experience.   WEEKLY RATES We can provide our consultants for work on your projects on a scheduled Week by Week basis. Weekly rate engagements have a minimum 2 week continuous term. FIXED TERM ASSINGMENTS Our consultants can work for you on fixed term assignments, provided you book the resource 1 week before the assignment start date.

Enterprise Web Applications Development

To run the day to day business every organization needs applications and we offer best enterprise web applications in a innovative way. Our Enterprise Applications include: Website development, Custom Application Development, Maintenance and integration, Custom Utilities and Tools development, Support & Testing of Enterprise applications, iPhone / iPad Apps Development, Android Apps Development, Mobile Apps UI Design,Search-Engine-Optimization,Conversion Rate Optimisation,Google Analytics etc.

We have specialised designers who works as per client’s requirements and we make sure that our innovative web designs fulfils client’s expectations. We also make sure that our developed websites should be compatible with wide range of devices like Computers,laptops, notebooks,ipad, iphone and tablets.Our designed websites assure you a great user experience with responsive templates.

Cloud Based Solutions


BI Analytics


IT Consultancy


Enterprise Web Applications



Banking and Finance

Currently, banks and Finance companies are juggling new challenges - frequent regulatory changes, Fraud detections and recovery, customer expectations, FinTech competition, customer data protections and many more. With our previous working experience with Banks, Building Society, Investment Firms and financial companies enable us to provide future proof solutions. Please contact us to know more about our Finance Solutions.


Government sector organisations struggle with growing data sets and a demand for faster query performance often against highly sensitive data and integration with different services. Our engagement with Government Sector organisation to solve their data and BI analytics demand , we provided BI solution covering highly secure cloud based data warehouse and rich visualization for Geospatial Analytics , Local Taxes , Public Health , Waste Management etc. with complete data security on standard. Please contact us to know more about our Consultancy work for Government Sector.


The Healthcare providers and NHS Community trust faces an unprecedented challenge to reduce costs and improve quality. To combine the patient information from Hospitals, community centres, Walk in centres and social care all in one central place is a another challenge. Our engagement with NHS trust as a Data Warehousing and BI solution provider , We manage to integrate their various Patient information systems into large scale Data warehouse along with Master Data Management and Data Quality Standards. Our Bi Solution with rich visualization in QlikSense helped the NHS trust to improve their patients services. Please contact us to know more about our Consultancy work for NHS England.

Mortgage Lenders

Most of the Mortgage Lending providers have challenges to make the Home buying process simple for both first-time homebuyers and experienced homeowners. It is another challenging tasks to deal with thousands of mortgage application's data on weekly basis and provide best customer solutions. Our engagement with leading and established residential mortgage lenders in USA helped them to integrate various loan originating systems into single large scale data warehousing Solutions along with actionable insights with Tableau Reports and Dashboards. Please contact us to know more about our Solutions for USA based Mortgage Lenders .

Real Estates

Real Estates agencies in united kingdom are highly competitive to provide better housing for their Tenants. There are large number of services they use to deal with properties, landlords, tenants , contractors, credit checks agencies and many more. Our engagement with well know real estate agency in London helped them for various real estates related software and services along with rich Reporting suites to enhance their customer experience.Please contact us to know more about our Real Estates Solutions.


It is essential for Energy Provider to manage data-intensive challenge ranging from upstream discovery to downstream distribution management. Energy companies have to manage a diverse set of equipment,Skilled Resources and their allocations on upstream and downstream are vital part of this business. With our deep experience of managing BI analytics for Energy provider , Our PowerBi based Analytics solution helped them to monitor and maintenance of geographically dispersed capital-intensive assets to maximize profits for optimal delivery.Please contact us to know more about our Consultancy work for BP.


About US

Rajyug Solutions is fast-growing start-up helping you to build strong data platform foundations, with performance, scalability and resilience at the core by using cloud based data platforms- Azure and AWS.

We values innovation over tradition and simplicity over complexity so we provide simple innovative solutions to complex business problems. Our professionals can help you to overcome your data pains and archive deep insights of your data through Data warehousing and BI Analytics solutions. We also offer wide range of enterprise web applications in an innovative way using latest web based platforms.

Nav Kale - FOUNDER

Nav had started his IT career in 2003 and in his 16 years of IT experience,he had played different roles from Software engineer to Project Manager. In his early days of Career he worked for Microsoft from one of the Microsoft's gold partner and involved in designing and writing components for SQL Server.He had worked for different industries and helped customers to build strong data and BI platform.Later he was involved in founding a BI consultancy firm in 2013 where he worked on large data warehouse implementations in the HealthCare sector.

2015 onwards he had moved his focus on Cloud based platform (AWS and Azure) and involved in driving BI programs for his clients based UK and USA. As the part of his IT company he serves various clients in Business Intelligence area from Data warehousing to advanced analytics and reporting.

"The organisation had to address data quality issues in order to progress in delivering a successful BI solution. Nav and team were instrumental in providing an innovative MDM solution that streamed multiple data sources into single version data repository with quality data."

Raj A Information Head , NHS Trust

"Cannot thank this company enough, identified our requirements with a very in depth consultation, advised of additional possibilities, tailored a very effective solution and delivered in time (we had a very time sensitive situation), the director promised personally and delivered quality – Big thank you from Maple Estates."

Olga Orlova -- FOUNDER London Maple Ltd.











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